The tone of your voice affects your career

Have you ever to reflect, what do people think about you when they hear your voice? What does the tone of your voice say about you? These are interesting questions that you probably never to think about. And what you may not have is that these answers could be key to your career future. Believe me, the way we use our voice in the professional environment conveys a lot of information about our personality and behavior. The first step is to know your weaknesses as well as your strengths. That way, you can adapt to the work environment. The use of voice in the correct tone is an important tool for anyone looking for growth within a corporation. IBE-FGV professor Eline Rasera, a specialist in HR, People Management and Psychology, says that both a very high and very low voice are detrimental to a career.

Many people confuse speaking firmly

With speaking loudly. A very high tone of voice is authoritarian, invasive, and can cause misinterpretations,” she points out. When someone raises their voice too much when correcting a team member, for example, the guidance can be with fear, which is likely to make the employee respond with retreat. According to Australia B2B Leads her, you to have the right dosage to speak firmly, but without raising your voice. At the other end, the person who speaks very softly demonstrates insecurity or even discouragement. “When a person speaks too softly in a presentation, the question arises: how is this person going to talk to a board?”. The voice, in itself, is already a message, reinforces the specialist. Just as we to take care of our personal image, posture, facial expression, our voice will also say a lot about who we are. Presentation dynamics “Every professional is a seller of himself.

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The voice he uses to introduce himself to

Demonstrate security and firmness”, stresses the teacher. According to her, who has extensive experience in recruiting people. Presentation dynamics are very common in corporate selection processes and voice is an issue at this time. The factor is taken even more seriously when the positions in question are for leadership EJ Leads or even a trainee (who is being to hold a leadership position in the future). The questions above raise questions among recruiters when it comes to profiling a professional. The person who raises his voice unnecessarily can be as authoritative. “A lot of people say, ‘ah, but that’s my way, I talk like that’. It’s not like that, if you know you speak too loudly, you to try to change, adapt to the corporate environment”, he advises.  the work environment and seek to position the voice with balance in the face of what is standard in the company.

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