The use of emojis in marketing strategies

That emojis dominated the world is nothing new. But did you know that they even won a commemorative date? Today, july 17th, world emoji day is celebrated, those little yellow faces that have. Become the darlings of the internet and are now also present in movies, advertisements and even decoration objects. Those who limit themselves to thinking that emojis are just the traditional yellow faces are wrong, today the variety is so great that. There are already animals, flowers, objects, foods and this catalog keeps growing. This way of communicating through emojis is. Part of our daily lives and is already considered a new language.

Even the oxford dictionary known for electing the word

With the greatest cultural significance every year. Chose the “face with tears of joy” emoji as the word of the year for 2015. According to the university, it is the first time that. The word of the year has not been chosen. Is a word, rather a pictographic Qatar Business Email List image that symbolizes a word or phrase. Faced with so much success, why not take advantage of this tool to generate empathy and engagement? Want to know how? Just check out our post. Why are emojis so popular? The success of emojis is due to the fact that, by using them, you create a relationship of closeness and intimacy. In addition to being easy to understand, they make messages more human and generate empathy.

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Quinlety on a survey of the use of emojis on networks. Of people surfing the internet use emojis; using emojis increases the engagement of posts on twitter by 25.4%; the number of likes on facebook increases by 57% with the use of emojis, comments and shares by 33%; 56% of instagram profiles use emojis in their description; an instagram post EJ Leads gets about 17% more engagement when it uses emojis. When to use emojis? Faced with so much popularity, it is clear that marketing teams realized the potential of exploiting this resource, as with. The use of emojis we can make information more striking and relaxed. With so many benefits, it’s important to contain your. Excitement so you don’t make mistakes by using emojis in inappropriate situations. When it comes to complaints, criticism or.

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