What are cookies and how do they work on websites

You digital marketing professional , have certainly heard. A lot about cookies, haven’t you? And you must have wondered what they are and what they are for in our business. Therefore, we made this post very objective and summarized, explaining everything so that you can understand how their application is. Important in a digital marketing strategy and how to use them properly in relation to the lgpd law (general data protection. Law in brazil , which we already talked about here as well). So let’s go? Continue reading to find out everything. But what are the famous cookies anyway? Cookies are small text files that are saved in the browser of websites.

These documents are created for various functions

Such as: saving logins and passwords, filling in registration. Forms and even storing data from a user who has visited a website to find out about their behavior and preferences. What are worth for? Cookies are used for the most diverse. Functions, both for users who browse and for website owners. We have listed some of the possibilities in its use Venezuela Business Email List for you. To understand what they are for and be able to use them properly on your company’s website. Save logins and passwords if you. Have registered on any website, be it an e-commerce, online course or gaming site, for example, where you. Always need to enter using an email and a password, you have certainly already made use of this benefit generated by cookies.

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It’s very annoying to have to type the same thing every

Time to log into your account on a website, isn’t it. Other than that we usually have accounts on different sites and not always the logins and passwords are the same. To give users a helping hand, the use of the cookie comes into play. He is responsible for saving the e-mail and password, minimizing work at each login. In order for them to be saved, it is EJ Leads necessary to authorize them and the next time it will be just a click away, without having to. Remember all the data, very practical, right? Pre-population of data let’s say you have the habit of always buying from the same e-commerce .

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