This cartoon mocks the obsession with reinvention and disruption

Are you ready? Well let’s look at some. Here, no one is right or wrong, everything depends on each specific case and they are not the only ones either. Therefore, more than as a lesson, you should see this as a reflection that gives rise to your comments and opinions, okay? Strategies to enhance growth How are things with you? And opinions, okay?
To celebrate the arrival of the New Year in the marketing industry, illustrator “Marketoonist” Tom Fishburne has shared the cartoon “Reinventing Marketing. The latest This cartoon  satire on reinvention and the constant search for pseudo-innovation in the advertising industry.

This cartoon mocks Reinvention of marketing

A fun illustration where two professionals talk about the objectives for 2023. But if 2023 will be the year of the “reinvention. In 2022 it was the “disruption” and in 2021 the ” transformation”.  Therefor, a new vignette in which Marketoonist wishes. New year full of things that change and more things that stay the same. Therefor, as the illustrator points out. Organizations can remain stagnant and resist change, but simultaneously. There is a tendency in the world of marketing to “exaggerate change” , which can lead company data professionals. The latest trends, such as NFT collections, in a hurry.

Change is a constant in the marketing industry

Marketoonist turned 20 in 2022 , the illustrator reflects in these satirical vignettes the experiences he has lived in the marketing industry in the United States and Europe over the last decades. 

Therefor, from the fun problems of the industry to EJ Leads the worrying “myopia” of its professionals. As Fishburne once noted, while the marketing industry is constantly on the lookout for shiny distractions, “the more things change, it seems like everything stays the same.”

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