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In this guide I am going to take a tour of the most prominent social networks in 2014 and give you an infographic with the best tips on how to write your content to get the most out of them. A few years ago when the “boom” of social networks began, companies and/or brands thought that it was a waste of time to be on them or create content since their clients were not there. Nowadays, the majority no longer thinks that way. Guide on how as they have seen that social networks can be essential for their businesses and that is why they are adapting to Social Media.

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That will get several answers, but I believe that if we follow. The advice of experts we can achieve the best strategy to publish in. Order to increase the engagement of executive data our content considerably. But it is not enough to just have a presence on social networks. If you want to succeed and create viral content, you need to take care of your articles and adapt them to the characteristics of each of the networks in which you participate. So, taking the time and effort to create the perfect post on social media has never been more important, since all platforms are full of content and it is necessary to know the best way to share your articles so that they stand out from the crowd. all the others.

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About writing this guide with a series of steps that you will. Have to follow to create the perfect post for the most important social networks . “Content is king” as Mejide says, but how EJ Leads and where it is shared is no less important. We know that there are more and more social networks. And that each of us interacts more with one or another. But to share our publications and achieve our objectives, it. Will be important to know which are the platforms with the most. Active users in 2014 , a post by The Socia Media Hat . Facebook is the Social network with the most followers in 2014. The number of followers in 2014 is 1,350 million , as of the latest data available.

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