Main differences between digital and traditional marketing

Marketing is used to seek and retain new customers for businesses. With the advancement of technology and the popularization of the internet, traditional marketing. Actions gained an ally: digital marketing campaigns . Even though they are complementary strategies, each one is developed in a different way. Traditional marketing is based on television channels, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, busdoor, among other tactics. A complex job that requires knowledge of the market and the public. Meanwhile, digital marketing reaches the consumer. Through relevant content on the internet by providing information, tips and solutions and, with this, highlights the brand in its market.

When worked together these two models can present interesting results

However, they have their differences. In this article we will introduce them. Check out! 1. Audience segmentation advertisements on tvs, radios, billboards or pamphlets are. Consumed at the same time by different types of people. Thus, in traditional Palau Business Email List marketing, it is necessary to dedicate effort. To market research and audience study. Digital marketing, based on metrics conference , helps even more to plan ads. And disseminate content according to the company’s target audience definition . Tools such as google analytics, facebook insights. And others allow the selection of a profile of these consumers.

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Scope of actions the reach of traditional

Marketing actions is linked, for example, to the number. Of subscribers or number of viewers of communication vehicles. Thus, when using the correct vehicles, the scope of these actions. Ends up being quite comprehensive. Promotional actions in the digital environment, even if directed at an audience, can be accessed. By a large number of people, since it is possible to share the content on different networks. In addition, the material EJ Leads is available online for as long as. Desired, which completes the marketing strategies . Want help putting our tips into practice? Talk to us 3. Language both models require specific languages. The tone of a text or advertisement for a printed newspaper or magazine, for example.

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