Discover advanced techniques to advertise your tv on facebook

It was the time when social networks were seen as a mere pastime. Companies have already realized the great potential of reaching users with the use of these media . In this scenario, advertising on facebook is an. Action that has been gaining more and more space in marketing strategies . The rich segmentation power, the wide reach of the. Audience and the low cost, when compared to other means, are some of the reasons for this success. Therefore, today we are going to present advanced techniques to guide the marketing manager on the best features of this network in terms of. Dissemination and also how it can help with strategies. 1. Audience insights audience insights is ideal for instantly.

Capturing more detailed information about your

Audience, helping you to develop content and. Advertisements that are truly tailored to their interests and needs. This feature analyzes your current and potential audience trends. Providing valuable data for your campaigns. Audience insights can Tonga Business Email List capture the following information about your audience: age. Gender; lifestyle; education level; occupation/profession; pages you like on facebook; frequency of use of the network; buying behavior. 2. Power editor to advertise on facebook power editor is a tool developed by facebook and its purpose is to efficiently. Manage multiple campaigns at the same time. It can also be used to create ads faster.

B2B Email List

With power editor it is possible to schedule the

Day and time for sending ads (you can send posts about. The program that is being shown, at the same time that it is broadcast, increasing interaction). In addition, your team can make. More bidding choices according to your marketing objectives and easily duplicate campaigns. Want help putting our tips into practice? Talk to us 3. Lookalike — the power of similar profiles this feature finds similar characteristics among audiences and increases. The ad’s EJ Leads reach to people with similar profiles. One of the ways to use lookalike is by exporting your list of qualified leads to. Facebook, which will use this audience to search for similar profiles. If your company does not yet have a well-consolidated database. For this action, you can insert a user profile in the creation of customized facebook lists.

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