The ages of marketing understand its evolution

The way marketing is practiced has changed a lot over the years. Have you ever stopped to think about the different evolutions we’ve seen him go through. With the advancement of technology, globalization and the development. Of consumer behavior, the market has adapted to meet these different demands. Creation of new types of products and changes in marketing strategies are some of the solutions in which the objective is to. Find new ways and means of communication to generate sales. Do you want to understand the timeline of marketing evolution. So keep following our post and stay on top of all phases. Marketing 1.0: the age of products the first era of marketing, called marketing 1.0, is also known as the age of products and emerged shortly after the industrial revolution.

In this scenario the sole focus was on the product and nothing else

Especially popular until the middle of world war. Ii, it was characterized as mass marketing, in which companies aimed at producing large numbers, ignoring any variety or desires of their audience. It was a “one-to-many” transaction model, that is, one product for many consumers. This type of business thinking is called fordism and was North Korea Business Email List popularized. By henry ford, its creator. There is a well-known phrase of his that is able to exemplify exactly the context of. What we are explaining: “any customer can have a car in any color they want, as long as it is black”. That is, the standardization of products was the central objective, there was no concern with highly elaborated products and varieties, but. With the high number of production and standard, so that waste could be eliminated and, therefore, offer a lower price.

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Accessible to everyone who wanted to buy

It may seem surreal, but even today there are. Companies that maintain this type of thinking. Are you wondering who they are? Well, they are all those who fill their mailboxes. Or e-mails with products and services that have nothing to do with EJ Leads their fit . Marketing 2.0: the information age with the economic evolution of the 20th century, marketing 2.0, also called the information age, emerged. At that time, the focus was no longer on. The products and was transferred to consumer behavior , allowing them to demonstrate their needs and desires. This change in focus was due to all the technological advances brought about by the information age, which created easier access to knowledge. Consumers started to  them satisfy their needs.

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