Use Historical Data

data visualization: tools and tips for digital marketers for insider advice on squeezing maximum value from your customer insights. 4. Apply customer data to operations another effective way of gaining value from customer data for marketing is applying insight to your internal operations. Extracting data from customer behavior and other datasets can obviously help to increase sales. But don’t forget that another way to make more money is to spend less. In addition to increasing sales. The right type of customer data can also help to increase efficiency and ruce waste. Both of which can increase your revenue. For example.

Your customer data is showing that more

Your customer data is showing that more and more of your marketing response is coming from youtube and instagram. And less of it is coming from facebook. This may be an indicator that for your product and target market. You can spend less—or cut down entirely—on your facebook spending and devote more effort to the platforms that are getting good results. Let customer behavior data help to streamline the way you run your business. Read: our guide to social mia demographics for a deeper dive into the nes and expectations of digitally native consumers. 5. Analyze client churn “client churn” is a term us to describe the turnover rate of customers or clients from being regular purchasers to taking their business elsewhere.

It is another area where big data

It is another area where big data. Combin with analytics. Can make a big difference. This process is about looking at your user data and arriving at conclusions that help explain why some customers remain loyal. And others support your business for a specific period and then leave. You may find relationships between drops in customer retention and when you stop supplying certain products. Alternatively. You may find certain sales or times of the year give you a big spike in customers. But they don’t stick around afterwards.

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