Geolocation Marketing How Companies Use This Strategy

These days, almost everything we do we post on our social media , right. Whether we are in a restaurant, at the mall, at the cinema or at home watching TV, we publish photos or videos in which we can insert the exact location – mark the place where we are – at that moment or in a past moment – ​​the so-called.  We also have the option to “check in” somewhere, whether in hotels, inns or establishments that use this location format. And did you know that technology, combined with artificial intelligence , can also find out where you are without you saying it? This happens when you give this permission through applications that detect your location, via GPS or Bluetooth, connected to devices such as smartphones and tablets.

These are some examples of how users inform their

Locations in a simple and spontaneous way to companies. Which know where they are and can offer them something related to their products or services. These tactics are part of a trend, which has already become common in the current scenario of brands in the digital environment. Geolocation marketing. The strategy uses location data and helps companies a lot to create campaigns that are more targeted to their audiences, in a more assertive Lithuania Business Email List way, and also to collect relevant information about their consumers. Do you want to know more about geolocation marketing and use it in your business? Keep reading this text until the end and find out. What is geolocation marketing? Geolocation marketing, also known as geomarketing, uses the user’s geographic location to implement outreach campaigns.

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With the exact location of users companies are able to obtain

Relevant data to, from there, develop more personalized actions and content and offer them exactly. What they are looking for and/or need. In addition, it is possible to better segment the public to know who is really more likely to buy at that moment and who is not yet and needs to know the brand better. The concept behind geolocation. The use of geolocation is not something new. At first, it was created as a tool to help countries identify. The movement EJ Leads of their troops during wars, such as the Cold War, and was mainly used in military environments. Over time and with the advancement of technology, the application of geolocation has been extended to other areas. Such as marketing, HR and Information Technology, for example.

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