How to improve results using storytelling

Know that story that you know by heart but that is much. Better told by a specific person? That family story about something hilarious but when told by a specific uncle makes everyone pay attention. This is the difference that brands look for when it comes to telling a story and keeping their audience. The technique used for these purposes is called storytelling. This term comes from english and in literal translation means telling a story. It is not enough just to have a narrative of facts, but to tell a story as a true art, so that the transmission of such facts becomes unforgettable. This type of knowledge is used a lot by writers and even screenwriters.

Do you want to understand how to use storytelling to pass

Your ideas on to your audience so that they are delighted. With your brand? Keep reading this post! What is storytelling? The great pillar of storytelling is the art of captivating listeners. This technique can be defined as the art of telling and Burma Business Email List developing stories that have the ability to delight the audience. For this, storytelling uses specific elements, such as characters, environments, creates a climate of desire and even one of conflict during the story. Therefore, it has the stages of beginning, middle and end of the message, which, elaborated in. The correct way, will have the power to attract the reader or listener. But why do people get so attached to a good story. Do you currently realize how much we consume from books, movies, series and. Even soap operas? These cultural products are involved by storytelling.

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He will only be as good as his ability to make people

Rejoice, suffer or even celebrate along with the characters. In marketing, especially in digital marketing, it is possible to apply the knowledge of this technique. Storytelling elements of course, we cannot pass on a single cake recipe to tell good stories, but all these narratives have common elements. Discover the most important elements below: message EJ Leads the message is what you want to get across. And when we talk about storytelling, it can be divided into two parts: a) story. This talks about the story itself; and b) telling, here we will deal with how the message will be presented. This is a very important stage of development, because first of all, it is necessary to have a clear definition of the chosen message. What do you want to say to the world.

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