8 Ways to Extract Value from Customer Data

When you have more customer data for marketing than you know what to do with. Finding effective ways to extract value from this seemingly infinite stream of information can be a real challenge. With more and more people using all types of devices (all of which are generating more information) it makes sense that most of the world’s data (44 zettabytes. To be precise) has been creat just in the last three years alone. And that’s not just a result of people creating data—it’s because of algorithms and other software that track user behavior and generate its own data about it.

The proliferation of the ‘internet

The proliferation of the ‘internet of things’ devices is accelerating data generation at warp spe and as a marketer. To get ahead of the pack. Knowing where to aim your analytical efforts is vital. So how does a business wade through the mountain of customer data for marketing and find digital insights that are useful for improving performance. Profit. Sales. Or other operational factors? We’re going to tell you how. Here we’re going to look at eight practical ways of extracting value from customer data for marketing.

 Boosting your brand awareness

 Boosting your brand awareness. Reputation. And profits in the process. 1. Accept that big data is here to stay big data. Look at without refinement. Can seem like a huge. Unwieldy mess of random information. Aken in that context. There’s a real temptation to simply ignore the information before you. But. Ignoring big data is ignoring a key opportunity. Data science. For example. Is a growing profession because of the value that comes from being able to screen. Filter. And interpret what is useful in big data. People who choose to ignore big data because of its volume do so at the peril of their own business.

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