What are conversion pixels and what are they for

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could track. The behavior of your users after clicking on an ad ? And have access to data and information about the people who were impacted by your ads. All this is possible! Are you curious to know about these strategies? So check out this post. That the advantages don’t stop there! Conversion pixel: know its importance what is a conversion pixel. A conversion pixel is a javascript code, that is, a programming language. Which is inserted into the users’ browser, with the aim of offering more dynamic information and processes.

This code is inserted into an ad or thank you page and

Goes to the server, which, in turn, returns the call. Through an inconspicuous 1×1 pixel image, hence the name conversion pixel. This tracking is only possible because of the invisible image. That was added to your website when you entered the conversion pixel code. This “image” that is produced has a format and size. That does not compromise Zambia Business Email List the loading of the page and thus, every time someone performs the action in which there is a conversion pixel. The invisible image sends a message to the server of the vehicle that you use to make advertisements. With these messages sent, you can access information such as the type of audience that was interested in that offer, which are your campaigns. That generate the most purchases, which ads work best with each persona.

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It is even possible to better understand how your sales funnel works

In this post, we’ll show you what a conversion pixel is and how it can help your strategy to better target your campaigns on facebook ads, adwords or other vehicles you use to advertise . We will also teach you step by step how to apply it on your EJ Leads page. So, follow our post until the end to have this tool as your ally. What is it for? They are used to track the actions your website users are taking. This means that the conversion pixel. Can show you actions such as redirection to other pages, a purchase added to a cart, a product actually purchased, among other types of conversions. Why use? If you  your actions to deliver even better results.

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