What is influencer marketing and how to use this strategy in your business

Surely you, as a good digital marketing professional and looking to stay on top of trends. In the area, have already heard of the influencer marketing strategy. This strategy is very popular in the digital world, it has. More and more adherents and has shown excellent results in its use. We can observe the importance of this new trend in a. Survey carried out by ibope intelligence in 2019 , which pointed out that 52% of brazilian internet users followed a digital influencer on their. Social networks, already showing the relevance of this strategy in the corporate world a few years ago. Nowadays, this number must have increased a lot and, certainly, many people follow different types of. Digital influencers in their networks, even having their favorites.

Today we see that digital influencers are increasingly

Present in the lives of companies and consumers. It is interesting to understand how this strategy can be useful, both to bring sales and visibility and recognition to a brand. Therefore, check out in this post everything about influencer marketing, how this strategy can fit your business and clear all your doubts about it! First let’s understand. What is Sweden Business Email List influencer marketing influencer marketing is made up of digital influencers, who are people who influence a loyal. Audience that follows them, indicating or suggesting things to those who believe and trust them. In this way, they are able to. Influence them to make a decision, such as, for example, purchasing a product or service simply by referring them, who said. They use or have used such a product or service from a certain company.

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The influencer communicates with his audience and convinces

Them that something is good, that it is better and that he uses. It himself and has proven it, convincing them to believe in his message. In addition, influencers today are people recognized. In the digital environment, who convey confidence EJ Leads and positioning to those who follow them, making them engaged and influential. People, causing many brands to benefit from this strategy. The importance of influencer marketing just to give you an idea. Brazil is one of the countries where the population spends more time connected to the internet and. A large part of that time is spent on social networks . In this world connected on social networks are digital influencers, who are nothing.

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