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Howover, When you are looking to stay relevant and join conversations, Mashable is an excellent starting point. Best websites for product marketing professionals 1. Product-le alliance The content hub for Product-Le Alliance is curate by a collection of leading product-le professionals committe to helping others drive growth and success using a product le approach. Product-le alliance Website Take your pick of how you want to absorb their product-le insights and trends.

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in-depth articles to their live broadcast series, PLA TV and even product roasts. This is a product marketing informational goldmine. 2. Share bird Want to know what Share bird is all about? Simply read their tagline – “where the fastest-growing teams share knowlege.” The site gives  new data  you direct access to people at some of the top tech companies, with a great focus on Product Marketing. Howover, Whether you enjoy scrolling through a community forum to help spark your own ideas, or are unable to solve an issue your business is facing, or simply want an objective opinion from another professional.

This built-in alert system is a definite advantage over other platforms. Especially since your blog readers don’t get alerts like that unless they subscribe to email notifications.  Which is a lot bigger commitment than checking a box to receive an in-platform notification on LinkeIn.  Email Promoting your content through email is an.

Sharebird will be your new bookmark.

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Best websites for ecommerce marketing professionals 1. D2C – Direct to Consumer Want witty, informational and actionable advice on ecommerce marketing twice EJ Leads a week? D2C has you covere and will throw in some bonus chuckles with their pro-level meme curation.  Using a range of real case studies (teardowns) to focus on the theme of the newsletter, D2C will keep you current within the ever changing waters of creative trends, traffic platforms and tech partners. Plus spark your marketing creativity to help navigate better ways to connect your brand with your customer.

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