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I will guide you to exactly the right places. Let’s make WordPress in Estonian If you don’t like English and want to eit and change your domain in your native language. Go to “Settings” in the left menu and select “General”. Look at the picture! wordpress in Estonian If your English is good and you can understand it, my firm recommendation is: leave. WordPress in English! I will continue to use English expressions in this article as well! Why? It will be easier for you to get use to different terms in the end. All study material is mostly in English.

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Personally I often don’t know the equivalent of the English terms I nee in my work in my native language We’ll find you a free theme. Now that you’ve taken a quick look at the admin panel and maybe researche a bit yourself and change the language, we’ll whatsapp mobile number list choose a page design you like and fit for your domain from among 1,500 paid themes. In the WordPress administration panel, go to the left menu “Appearance” (you can click or simply move the mouse button) and select “Themes”. Once done, select “Add new” from the top. wordpress design Now you have a huge number of free themes in front of you. If making a free website is enough of a “free” a particularly beautiful design, I definitely recommend you to visit.

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This page is a huge database of paid themes/designs. Paid WordPress designs/themes are generally times more capable than the free EJ Leads variants. your page even more and are certainly much more professional than free themes. But for now we’ll stick with free themes. Many free themes are very professional and WordPress users one hundre percent.

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