Do not confuse marketing automation with email marketing

Marketing automation and e-mail marketing are. Tools widely used by companies that have already understood that it is essential to maintain communication with the public in a more personalized and direct way. However, it is often in doubt: what, after all, is marketing automation? What about email marketing. When is the ideal time to use each of these solutions in my business? If you’ve faced any of these issues before, this post is for you. Follow along and stay in the loop to understand and start applying these solutions today! When to invest in marketing automation. First of all, it is important to understand what marketing automation is all about .

It is a set of automated actions in the lead

Nurturing process and its main objective is to escalate. Communication between the company and the lead. The great advantage of marketing automation is that it can keep the relationship. Highly personalized without losing its scalability, according to user behavior. Next, we explain some of the main moments. When you should invest inĀ Cocos Islands Keeling Email List marketing automation for your business. When the lead subscribes to the newsletter one of the moments in which. Marketing automation is most used is when your lead signs up for your newsletter. Generally, this message is meant to welcome. Your new lead, making them feel like more than just another subscriber. Furthermore, this automation also allows you to collect more data from your lead.

B2B Email List

If your welcome newsletter has clickable topics you

Can classify your lead to receive other automated. Emails that talk about that topic, for example. When lead downloads new material marketing automation is also useful for. Sending an email to that lead that converted on one of your rich material landing pages. As soon as he registers, you can automatically. Send the material to the lead’s email. In this case, marketing automation also helps you classify your lead’s interests according. To the material EJ Leads downloaded. Downloading material at the bottom of the funnel, for example, may be the sign your sales. Team needed to contact and close a deal with them. When the lead changes stage in the sales funnel have you ever thought. About being able to understand the behavior of your leads and direct them to appropriate content according to their moments in. The sales funnel, without having to review them one by one? This may even be possible for someone who works with a very small base.

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