Learn to build a professional image with social media

The changes that have been taking place in our. Habits, especially regarding the use of the internet and the presence of social networks in our daily lives, require an important. Reflection on the influence of these tools on market relations, at all levels. Today, it is almost impossible to find people who are outside of social. Networks, whether to exchange instant messages, reconnect with old friends or arrange romantic encounters. In this scenario, it is not surprising that social. Networks are transforming the job market, becoming more and more effective and fundamental tools for its access, both through. Networking, enabling new replacements, and the availability of vacancies, assisting in the prospection of talents.

According to recent studies published by the agency “we are

Social”, brazil ranks second among the countries. That most access social networks. On average, brazilians dedicate nine hours to the internet, three of which are spent on social networks. With 69% of the population online, according to ibge data, social networks and the job market are working side by side. Previously used only on a personal Dominica Business Email List basis, social networks have come to play a major role in building a good professional image . It is notorious that large companies. Have been using them to draw profiles and recognize candidates’ characteristics, an analysis that is already part of the selection process. Social networks work as a kind of showcase: the image you build on them goes. Beyond your circle of friends and escapes your control.

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Personal life influences professional life  and vice

Versa – and it is up to each one to choose what they want to expose. Now that you know that the internet influences your career path, how about learning how to make good use. Of social networks ? The risks involved in overexposure the more EJ Leads comments, photographs or posts you present on your social. Networks, the more you expose yourself and the more elements for judgment you make available to those who analyze your social network. If being on social networks and exposing yourself is essential, limiting your online participation is extremely important so as not to do this in an exaggerated way. And run the risk of providing unnecessary information or that could damage your image.

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