The relationship between micromoments and the relationship with the customer

Know those moments when, for some reason, we. Decide to take action, like doing a search or making a purchase? In digital marketing , they are known as micromoments, a term created and spread. By google in 2015 and which has become essential when we talk about customer relationships . There are situations that trigger in us the will to accomplish something. For example, when a question arises and we do a quick search on google itself. Another case is when we have problems with a product, such as a television that stops working, forcing us to buy a new one. After all, nobody likes to miss out on their favorite shows, do they? All these moments are. Important not only for consumers, but also for companies.

Want to know why So don’t miss any of the topics

We separate below! Customer relationships. And micromoments how do micromoments work and what is their relationship with smartphones? Did you know that, among. Brazilians who accessed the internet in 2016, 94.6% did so via cell phone? That’s what the 2016 continuous national household. Sample survey (pnad) , carried out by ibge, pointed out. The growth in the number of mobile devices, especially smartphones, has. Increased the importance Mozambique Business Email List of micromoments for brands. Want to know why? They facilitated the fulfillment of personal needs almost. Instantly, such as: consume information on news portals and blogs; acquire knowledge on video portals, such as. Youtube, or on educational institution websites; purchase products or services in e-commerces with a few clicks; request vehicles using transport. Applications such as uber and 99; order food at home through apps such as ifood.

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Having a smartphone in hand and an internet

Connection, it is easy to fulfill desires at any time. Being able to detect these impulses can help organizations understand when consumers are most likely to purchase products and services. In addition, it is important to invest in EJ Leads mobile marketing to be able to take advantage of these “clicks” of desire. What are the categories of “reasons” that generate. Micromoments? Micromoments can be classified into four simple categories: want to do — when we want to accomplish. Something, such as organizing files, preparing a recipe or assembling a piece of furniture. We usually search youtube, google, bing, etc. Some tutorials and tips for what we intend to do; wanting to know — involves the. Desire to find out, which may end up in accessing a news site  something, like an.

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