Live blogging what it is and everything you need to know

Technological advances, especially after the. Advent of the internet, have generated profound changes in society, especially in terms of consumption and the speed at which news and information spread. The popularization of instant messaging groups and social networks allow a message to be updated in a few seconds and. Makes communication vehicles such as radio and television seem backward. If before the consumption of information awaited updates. In printed newspapers or television news, it is currently unthinkable that the existing exchange between the public and communication. Channels takes more than 10 or 15 minutes to be made available to the public through digital means.

The advertising market is in general a mirror of society

In the not-so-distant past, marketing campaigns could be based on rigid parts. However, the public’s growing demand began to impose a generation of content integrated. With what happens in the world, not just on the following day or week, but in real time. You need to manage social interactions and engagement as things happen. It is precisely Colombia Business Email List in this context that “live blogging” presents itself to the market as an. Evolution of the traditional format. With the addition of current tools that allow the sharing of information in real time with an audience, this practice has become, therefore, an ideal tool for event coverage and instant communication, generating content and. Engagement and bringing a series of benefits to the company.

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Digital marketing strategy In this post you will better understand

This concept and its importance, learn about its. Advantages and understand what you need to know to start implementing it. What is live blogging? In free translation into portuguese. “live blog” refers to the concept of a live “blog”. It is, therefore, an updated version of the traditional “blog” format, in which information. And engagement strategies are EJ Leads explored more objectively and passed on to the public in real time. The more traditional concept of “blog” emerged in the 1990s, used as a kind of online diary, where its writers shared opinions, events in their personal lives and. Things they considered relevant. It quickly began to be used in different ways, serving for more specific approaches, such as travel.

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