Paid media types of ads you need to know

Over 90% of google’s revenue comes from ads. Making them a powerhouse within marketing strategies. But how do you make these ads give you the highest return on investment. And help you meet your campaign objectives? Check out the post we prepared and learn about 5 types of paid media ads. In addition to valuable tips for planning. Your strategy ! Types of online ads what are the 5 types of ads for a digital marketing strategy? Ideally, you invest in different. Types, reaching your audience in a creative way on different platforms. 1. Google ads google ads is google’s advertising platform.

It presents this content based on the keywords used

By users at the time of the search or according to their. Navigation, which increases the chance of capturing customers who are interested in your product or service. Investments are determined by the number of clicks on the ad . That is, you Rwanda Business Email List pay according to the results you get. It is up to you, therefore, to develop content. That is attractive enough to convert clicks into sales. In addition to traditional ads on the search network, there is still the option to invest in the display network. There, you have access to a series of ad formats and targeting strategies that allow you. To place your mentions on a network of websites and blogs relevant to your product. These ads are only shown to users who have potential interest.

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Within the display network it is possible to invest in remarketing strategies

Have you ever gone through the experience of searching. For an item and, after doing the research on several sites, find ads for that product? Remarketing is largely responsible for this. The purpose of this strategy is to remind the user that the product is waiting for him. The potential customer who has already. Visited the store but has not EJ Leads purchased the product — for a number of reasons — is already more advanced in the purchase journey. And, therefore, has a greater chance of purchasing the item. 2. Youtube ads on youtube , there are 6 types of ads: display ads.

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