How to improve the email deliverability of your campaigns

One of the main digital marketing strategies, very. Efficient and widely by companies today, are email marketing campaigns . A direct communication channel with the target audience, very usefu.L for strengthening relationships , nurturing leads and generating sales, in addition to improving the roi rate . There are those who say that emails are no longer seen “with the same eyes” by marketing professionals, who use strategies more innovative and with faster results. But email marketing, contrary to what many say, is far from over. It is one of the most effective and successful tools for content marketing and helps the brand to connect with leads, convert them. Into sales and, more than that: retain them after the sale. And, for e-mail marketing campaigns to bring the results, a very important factor is to. Ensure that your messages are actually to your recipients.

Email deliverability is one of the most important metrics

To be in an email marketing campaign. And the ideal is to take constant actions to improve it over time. You to be aware of this metric, as ensuring that emails reach. The recipients’ inbox is the first step to achieving better results. And how do you ensure that your emails, which you’ve so hard on, planning the content and format, separating the listings for submission and everything else, actually get to your leads Portugal Business Email List and customers. Want to know how? Continue reading this text until the end and find out what email deliverability is, how it works, practices to. Improve it and much more! What is email deliverability? The name, self-explanatory, means the process of delivering an email. To the inbox of the recipient to whom it was sent, but several factors influence whether a person successfully receives an. Email in their inbox, without no error or blocking by recipient provider.

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It is common for a message not to reach the inbox of

The person it is for, and this can happen for several reasons. The most common ones are called hard bounce and soft bounce. Hard bounce are permanent errors, when an email no longer exists or is invalid, and soft bounce are temporary errors, such as when the server is down or the user’s inbox is full. And even if the email provider says that EJ Leads the email was, there is still no way to be sure that it actually made it to the recipient’s inbox, as sending may have been by your filter. Anti-spam or have in the same spam box. Knowing this, you to analyze. And understand why this happens and prevent it from happening. The importance of having good email deliverability for an email. Marketing campaign to be successful, in addition to having good deliverability, the recipient needs to open the email and click on some.

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