Learn to energize an event on social networks

One of the recurring Learn to tasks of a community manager is the dynamization of an event on social networks. Optimal management will help us enhance. In addition, its reach on networks, and why not, make it Trending Topic. Let’s see how to do it successfully. event-rrrss  What to do before the event Create profiles on social networks if applicable.

The firstLearn to decision to be made is whether to create specific

profiles for the event Learn to on social networks or if it is category email list promoted through the profiles of the organizing company. We recommend. Therefore, creating specific accounts only if the event is planned to be organized regularly. This will help . In addition,position it and create a related community BUT it will require an initial effort to attract followers, and also maintain a certain. Therefore, amount of ongoing communication activity. Define the hashtag In events, the most common thing is that the hashtag is the name of the event.

It is advisable to send messages on social networks

Promote the event The next step is to define EJ Leads the communication axes of the event. These can be information about the speakers, sponsors, the theme of the. Therefore, presentations, parallel activities, news, mentions in the media, what to do in the city during the event Next, prepare the content agenda for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and schedule it always using the official hashtag and images and infographics.

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