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Some time ago that it. The same time we are receiving signals that the existing library is eagerly us and appreciate by architects. FAKRO is therefore perceive as a company that not only keeps up with the times, but also respects and listens to the nes of the construction market. Therefore, we became confident in the validity of this investment and gain new channels of communication with strategic partners. As a result, we believe that it had a real impact on FAKRO’s development. Do you want to try your hand at BIM, just like FAKRO? Sign up for a free demo of the platform.

BIM as a guide to a good project

You are a window manufacturer, be sure to check out the photo editing servies upcoming webinar. “Windows and doors BIM basics for manufacturers” . Joanna Podstufka Joanna Podstufka frequently ask questions about BIM Sarah. Chase Sarah Chase February , Have you heard of BIM but aren’t sure what it means or what it involves? We search the Internet to see what specialists were asking about in the context of BIM. Without further ado here are the answers to the most frequently ask questions. What does BIM mean? BIM is an abbreviation for Building Information M modeling.

BIM in FAKRO reliable time saving

It’s easy! In practice. BIM means the smarter use of information EJ Leads data to build faster, better and greener. What is BIM? BIM is a digital building process. In which information about every material and component us is record and manage by. The design team throughout the building’s lifecycle. Learn more about BIM during our webinar Who uses BIM? BIM is us in the construction industry and is a central information bank for all people involv in the project. People who participate in this process include architects, engineers, contractors, construction workers, building inspectors, clients, owners, developers and manufacturers just.

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