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The best diversity¬† the general rule is that the forms to be fille in contain the smallest number of fields possible so as not to negatively impact the conversion rate. However, it is useful to be able to differentiate the forms according to.The regulatory needs (on privacy for example) of the individual countries and add, where necessary, the field relating to consent to receive the newsletters. . Type of device use Depending on the type of device use to browse, desktop, tablet, or mobile, persona lization can support improving the user experience. Especially on landing pages, personalization can help significantly increase the conversion rate, let’s see how.

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Shorter forms for those who browse on mobileMobile responsive site for b b lead generation . Filling out a form with your data isn’t always easy wedding photo editing service from a mobile device, why not reduce the length? If by analyzing site statistics from.¬† Google Analytics you notice a strong presence of mobile traffic, this customization option can help conversions. Referral Source .If a lot of your landing pages’ traffic comes from referral sources, because. They’re mentione in other blogs or promote through paid campaigns, you might want to customize them for better results. That’s how: Custom titles.

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If your landing page offering a free consultation receives many visits from referral sources, but few conversions. It is not always possible to change the page to which an external site is linke so personalizing it using a tone, message and formatting similar to that of the site of origin can help make the visitor feel more at ease. If the texts of the call to action and landing page are consistent with each other, the chances of conversion increase. The same logic therefore applies to the site that brought users to the landing page. . Language EJ Leads preference It is certainly not the best method for creating a multilingual site, because it requires the use of smart modules for each type of site content. However, if from.

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