A is the evolution

Why to do it, whether to do it and in which direction to go. Even among the companies that turn to me I often witness extremism: those who completely reject digital, the web and social networks in the name of a tradition that would otherwise disappear; others throw themselves headlong and out of nowhere and without possibility or vision, they launch themselves into pharaonic projects, unlikely e-commerce sites that are unfortunately destin to close and fail before they have even seen the light.

The correct way

The middle one: never before has it been necessary seo expate bd to invest and not waste money, to understand and become aware of the enormous potential of digital and not to waste opportunities. Young people and their skill must be a resource to be combin with the adult’s life experience outside and inside the company, but to do this, the adult must accept that a young person can teach him something that he still doesn’t know today in-depth manner. Being ‘open’, being contaminat is the right path…. Difficult, but correct.

Those who understand

This immiately will see great results. “ Today, through EJ Leads personaliz training strategies and paths, I work alongside professionals and small entrepreneurs who want to inhabit the web and social networks in a safe and effective way, promoting their awareness and developing their digital identity to achieve business objectives because “the future is simple , it’s people who are too complicat!” Rosa Giuffré Digital Communication Consultant, Trainer and Blogger How do you see the development of social networks? The news coming from Silicon Valley tells us about augment reality thanks to which it will be possible to create avatars that will meet in virtual places: in practice if you and I decide to make a call, instead of using the ‘very banal’ telephone through.

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