Black Hat Link Building Services Do They Work

There were not-so-pleased comment responses, a follow-up thread on BHW itself … fun stuff. But that first flow of backlash was a bit surprising to me. After all, as far as I remember, I wrote hardly anything truly negative about that awesomely named SEO service from the BHW forum. In fact, I kind of admired the seller’s marketing ability and his skill in executing the whole thing. I mean come on, earning $250,000+ from a single forum thread?! You have to be really capable to pull that off. But let’s set all of that aside. Today, it’s not about the money. It’s about the question I asked in the first part.

Do those black hat

Link building services work? If you believe the seller, they do. Literally every page of the main forum thread – of which there are 170+ at the time of writing – starts with the executive data seller’s own message sharing the best testimonials. Those testimonials praise anything from mild search engine ranking improvements, to huge page 1 domination for keywords that were nowhere to be found prior to buying the SHG service. But as we all know, testimonials can be cherry-picked, so they don’t give us an objective view of the percentage of customers for whom this actually works long term. For example, to see some “nay”-stimonials all you have to do is go to the comment section of the previous post.

Here’s a few some long

Like I said in the first part, I did actually buy SHG to see how things would play out for me. I pointed it to my under-performing site, hooked it up. To Ahrefs, and waited to EJ Leads see what would happen. Since then, a couple of months have passed, so I think the time is perfect to share the results I got. The boring details: The niche. Something called “reverse phone lookup.” Basically, you take a phone number, put it through a specific search engine, Black Hat and it lets you know who owns that number. All things considered, neat thing. The keywords. I tried not going only after the main “reverse phone lookup” phrase, since it’s very competitive. Instead, I selected some long tail phrases, with the main focus on the Canada phrases: In short, nothing too complicated.

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