How it works and what benefits it brings


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network that currently exists. It currently has more than 400 million active professionals. It is a social  How it works  network of professionals who, acting in their own name – independent professionals – or on behalf of the company of which they are part, establish connections with other professionals with the aim of establishing synergies: new clients, collaborators, business alliances. , job search, personnel selection. In this article we are going to see how to generate business through this social network . To do this, the first thing is to know what our objectives are and what we.

Company pages on LinkedIn How it works 

Going to do to achieve them. LinkedIn is not a job portal. It is the ideal professional social network to grow your business Click to tweet Tips to optimize a company’s LinkedIn presence To generate business through LinkedIn , first of all, it will be key for the entire team to get involved in it. To do this, we must ensure that everyone company data knows how to take advantage of their personal profile on LinkedIn . These, in their own name but on behalf of our company, will network with the aim of establishing professional contacts. And secondly, we must achieve the greatest visibility for our company among our target audience . How to network with other professionals? By networking we refer to the


Publishing valuable content

Establishment of a professional network of contacts that allows us to make ourselves and our business known, listen to and learn from others, find potential collaborators, partners or investors. (Business and Networking). Some actions that we can carry out to do this on LinkedIn are: Actively participate in discussion groups related to our EJ Leads professional profile. Answer other users’ questions, contribute your point of view, open discussion topics… Request contact from those who, due to their professional career, we can help or who may interest us professionally. Likewise, let’s accept those who add value to our network. Frequently publish valuable content on our professional LinkedIn profile, whether it is your own, from other sources or the content of our company page. Interact with other users’ posts.

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