The best games to build loyalty on social networks


For any digital marketing professional, it is necessary to know new formulas that help us enhance engagement on social networks. Users connect to social networks, among other things, but mainly to entertain themselves and have fun. And those companies that want to earn their trust have to look for new formulas, through their social media team, to achieve this. For this, gamification is a strategy with great potential. Let’s see below what it consists.

plan a gamification action

What objectives we can achieve, how to plan a marketing action of this type and different types of gamification mechanics or games. social media gamificationWhat is gamification? Gamification in social networks is a content strategy that transfers the mechanics of games to social networks executive email list with the purpose of improving engagement . This type of content is very attractive to users, thereby improving their loyalty. Gamification on social networks is a strategy that will help us build fan loyalty. Gamification allows us to create games on social networks that generate interaction and commitment in an audience. A strategy of great.

Best games to build loyalty

value for food, leisure and fashion companies especially. How to plan a gamification action? Planning a gamification action, like any other digital marketing action, requires following a process. It is the following: Objective . What do we want to achieve with this strategy? Improving EJ Leads engagement, leads, brand awareness or having users generate content are some of the most common. Target audiences. You have to define which audience you are going to direct your gamification or game action to. Mechanics . As in Instagram , Facebook or Twitter giveaways, the simpler the mechanics are, the better. The incentive. To achieve greater participation, it is recommended that there be an incentive, but it is not essential. I have made countless publications of this type that.

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