How to create a campaign with Instagrammers


Instagrammers are becoming the new brand ambassadors. More and more companies are integrating influencer marketing. Actions into their digital marketing plan. And specifically  actions with Instagrammers. As a strategy to reach and talk to their target audience. In this article we are going to explain how to create an advertising campaign on Instagram through these profiles.

Management of the advertiser How to create 

What is an How to create influencer marketing action? Influencer marketing is the marketing strategy that consists of creating links of emotional collaboration between brands and their products and services and ‘influencers’ , with the ultimate goal executive data of impacting the target audience. Therefore, by influencer marketing action we understand one that: It takes place in a certain period of time. It has defined objectives. It addresses a target audience. Use influencers as a communication channel. Look for an emotional connection.

The campaign proposal

between consumers and brand. What is an influencer? According to IAB «Influencers are those people who are considered to have the potential to create engagement, drive conversation andor influence the purchase decision of products ervices to a target EJ Leads audience. « marketing-infuencers-instagram What is an instagramer? An Instagramer is a user with the ability to influence a target audience (their followers) whose content is published exclusively on the social network Instagram with a certain number of followers.

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