A different change management: don’t leave your comfort zone

Before managing the change, decide what should not change Depending on each context or scenario, A different change management can be as important as continuity management. Progressing does not imply changing for the sake of change , progressing means achieving new objectives but also consolidating those already achieved. Motivation for change Managing change in the company from customer service Good customer service has these three characteristics. And it doesn’t matter if the service is provided conventionally or online:

It is customer-centric A different

Professionals should first concern themselves with understanding and only then with trying to be understood. 2. Its objective is to provide solutions. It is about moving forward, not about being right, as this idea attributed to Theodore Roosevelt summarizes: No one cares how much you executive email list know until they find out how much you care. 3. Does not enter into debates . It is about obtaining information to solve the problem. When a client complains, criticizes or makes a claim, the professional should not justify himself or hold the client responsible with phrases such as.

You have to understand that

This is how we do things here” or “you are the first person to come to us with this problem.” problem”. The best customer service is… the one that works A dissatisfied customer tells 11 people about the poor service he received in a call center, while he only tells three if the service was satisfactory. Another EJ Leads consequence is that 24% of cancellations of services or products occur because the customer cannot access a professional to solve their problem, including endless call referral processes that motivate the user to hang up or give up contact. 

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