Excellence in customer service

Attempts at change in the company always underestimate two important forces. The resistance of people and the inertia of the organization itself, as states . As a manager or as a professional. I am not going to suggest that you leave your comfort zone. That advice that you have already heard in numerous courses and motivational presentations from consultants. Who recommend it from their own comfort zone. My proposal is another, a path towards change but from the strengths and interests of your current positioning and that of your team in line with the reflection that @alfonsoromay conveyed to me on Twitter, that the forces for change are as legitimate as the forces for continuity.

Clients forget what you tell

Them or what you give them but never what you make them feel. This well-known reflection leads us to another from Philip Kotler, marketing specialist: It is no longer enough to satisfy customers, now you have to delight them. This dictatorship of the obligation to excite clients is based on the executive data storytelling of cases that become prototypical: A woman bought some shoes for her mother at Zappos but she died without having worn them. The woman tried to return them even though that option was out of date. But the company not only did not raise any objections but they also facilitated her return by sending a courier and a few days later they also sent her a bouquet of flowers as a token of condolences.

That is why it is important

That customer service professionals. Have contact and are listened to by professionals in the technical area. In many cases, cheap call centers have no mechanisms to solve problems or incentives to do so. So giving the same answer to the same question is not only the easiest. But also the only thing they EJ Leads can do. Customer service must have a resolution protocol for common and simple incidents. In this way, it is possible to maintain quality customer service while maintaining technical support costs.

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