The price is a sum of perceived values

What does it mean that price is a sum of perceived values? That no price is expensive or cheap depends on the equivalence that each client gives in the perception of what they are receiving in exchange. If you consider that you are receiving less than what you are paying, it will seem expensive; if you consider that you are getting more, it will seem like a good deal. The price When we say that it is perceived, it means that in a certain way it is subjective. It depends on the information the client has and what he knows about us. We usually don’t communicate spreads; we talk about the characteristics of the product, about everything it solves, but we do not show the client the reasons why we cost what we cost.

Maximize perceived value

Not all clients value the same thing. You tell two people about the benefit you offer, for one of them it will seem like the best and will be willing to pay for what you offer, but for the other person, that benefit may not be relevant to them. That is the importance of focusing on the ideal client. In conclusion, no price is expensive or cheap in itself. It depends on the company data values ​​that the client perceives that he receives in exchange for the money he is paying. To : (1) communicate your differentials: unless the customer finds out and recognizes each of your wonderful benefits, they will not be able to perceive them (hence the name perceived value ). (2) focus on ideal clients. Not everyone appreciates the same thing nor will they be willing to pay the value.

The business relationship

The same benefit can be wonderful for some while irrelevant for others .but when as buyers we encounter a seller we can truly trust, these behaviors change. We put less emphasis on the technical domain, because we can trust the seller’s intentions. We never really wanted to go that deep into the technical stuff, we just wanted an expert we could EJ Leads trust. The price Confident buyers put less emphasis on contracts. We value the handshake behind the legal agreement, more than the contract itself, because we know that the former can be stronger. We know that we are all working on the same team .trust has immeasurable value to the flow of . Although you win over time, you also lose from one moment to the next.

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