Sales are based on trust

While building trust, the client will maintain their skepticism as a defense mechanism. It has happened to him too many times and he wants to protect himself from promises that are not kept. Earning trust takes time, and it comes step by step with every interaction and every promise kept. Sales are Trust is an indicator of the strength of the relationship. The less you trust a customer, the more he will challenge your ideas and approaches, the more he will doubt the extent of your benefits and your ability to deliver on your promises. He will question his recommendations until he is sure that they work, that they adapt to his own reality and that it is not simple commercial rhetoric seeking to close a deal.

The greater the trust the less friction

The lower the trust, the lower the loyalty and the greater the dispersion of suppliers. Not only because the buyer does not feel comfortable putting “all his eggs in the same basket,” but because he sees the need to have contingency alternatives and thus executive data keep dependency to a minimum. The pressure on his prices will be greater, because he is not yet entirely sure that what he is charging corresponds to the value he is promising, and he does not want to run the risk of overpaying. You will verify with third parties the information you share and the results you propose. You will rely on acquaintances and trusted people to validate if you are really as good as you say.

Trust makes everyone's life easier

Sales are The negotiation and contracting processes will be complex and extensive, verifying each aspect of the business in detail to ensure that you are getting the best conditions and that the risk is practically non-existent. He will be ruthless about any failure, no matter how minor, and will use it to question the appropriateness of the relationship or to push for EJ Leads better conditions. The greater the trust, the less friction the opposite occurs when trust flourishes. The more your client trusts you, the more they will answer your calls and the more willing they will be to listen to you and seek your advice in evaluating options and making decisions. You will be more likely to accept and act on their recommendations.

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